Baggrabber, Miljø venlig plast

Presents a Danish sustainable product

Buy large - easy to carry

Sustainability with the Bag Grapper ©

* Prevents sore fingers and cut marks in fingers and hands from the sharp handle of the carrying bag

• Ensures that the weight of the contents is evenly distributed throughout the handle so that it does not break and the carrier bag can easily be used 20 times for the benefit of the environment and the custumers economy

• Catches and holds the bag's handle for easy carrying

• Has a unique design that fits all plastic bags, paper bags and mule bags of all sizes

•Made of recyclable ABS plastic and also available in recycled plastic

• Made in Denmark, so the environment has not been strained during long cargo transport by air or truck

• Easy to carry in your pocket when shopping

(measures only 70 mm).

Bag-Grabber© is an Danish invention

It is manufactured in Denmark and is owned by the company Scandinavian Plast Design with its headquarters in Slagelse.

Further information can be obtained from:
Scandinavian Plast Design ApS

Contact: Alex Nielsen, Manager

Ydunsvej 2,  DK - 4200 Slagelse.  Phone: +45 22677133

With best regards Alex Nielsen CEO